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Until CTS is able to update their website, please note that the CPAIP test no longer requires applicants to have a background check to be eligible to take the exam.

The CPAIP application can currently be found on the CTS website under the tab marked

The Individual Renewal Late Fee is $50 and the Site Renewal Late Fee is $100.

CPAIP Certification Criteria

The ICDVP, Inc. Board has contracted with Continental Testing Services, Inc. to conduct its Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional program. Tests are given twice annually in the Chicago Metropolitan area and in Springfield. The tests are usually offered every February and September, with deadlines to get applications in 4-6 weeks prior to the actual test.

Certification will be applicable for two years, at which time the applicant must renew the certification. In order to renew the certification, the Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional (CPAIP) must complete 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the two year period.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring training is obtained from an ICDVP approved training site and supervision is obtained from an IDHS approved program and by a Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional (CPAIP).

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. Complete 40 hour training at an ICDVP approved training site.
    • The ICDVP, Inc. Board publishes a list of approved sources for the 40 hour training on this website.
    • Candidates must submit documentation that they have completed the 40 hour training at one of the ICDVP approved training sites.
    • 40 Hour Domestic Violence training certificates obtained prior to 2004 will not be accepted.
  2. Complete a 20 hour partner abuse intervention-specific training.
    • Candidates must have completed a 20 hour partner abuse intervention specific training program at an ICDVP approved 20 hour PAIP training site, intended to prepare individuals as partner abuse intervention facilitators. The 20 hour training can also be completed through Emerge, Raven or Duluth.
  3. Complete 150 hours of satisfactory, documented, supervised partner abuse intervention experience in an IDHS approved partner abuse intervention program – within 3 years of application to be a Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional.
    • Persons whose supervised experience has been obtained in more than one program may present documentation of supervision documentation of supervision received in each program so long as the total number of supervised hours is at least 150.  Candidates who are presenting documentation from more than one program must submit a letter explaining why their supervision has been completed in more than one program.  IDHS approved programs can be found at www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx. (Use the DHS Office Locator with "Partner Abuse Intervention Services" selected under "Type".)
  4. Must be violence free for 5 years. Candidates who are ex-offenders for domestic battery or other offenses against family or household members must not have any arrests or convictions for the past five years and must have completed a partner abuse intervention program no less than three years prior to application. In addition, candidates must not have had an order of protection issued against them within five years.
  5. Pass the knowledge based certification test. The test is offered twice annually, both in the Chicago metropolitan area and in Springfield.