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Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer common questions more quickly and effectively, ICDVP has compiled a list of
frequently asked questions. If there are additional questions or concerns, please contact ICDVP
at ilcdvp@ilcdvp.org.
Frequently Asked Questions in pdf form.

General Information:

1. What is the difference between CDVP and CPAIP?

2. Is there a waiver or "Grandfather clause" available for individuals who have years of experience in the field or advanced degrees?

3. I don't have time to complete the 40-hour DV training all in person. Can I take the 40-hour DV training online?

4. I moved out of state. Can I keep my certification?

5. Is my ICDVP certification reciprocal to other states?

6. If I have continuously maintained one certification, do I need to repeat all
eligibility requirements to obtain the other certification?

7. How do I get a duplicate certification and what is the cost?

8. Our agency would like to apply to be a new ICDVP approved site, how and
when can we apply?

Certification for CDVP and CPAIP

9. How do I become ICDVP certified?

10. How often is the exam offered? Where is it offered?

11. Where do I send my initial exam application and fee?

12. Where do I find the exam application?

13. Where do I find the Supervisor Assessment form?

14. Where do I find the test references?

15. Is the exam offered in other languages?

16. Are there any accommodations allowed for test anxiety?

17. Does ICDVP offer any test prep classes to prepare for the exam?

18. When will I receive confirmation that I'm approved to take the examination?

19. How long does it take to get exam results?

20. How can I check on the status of my application and exam results?

21. When do I receive my certificate from ICDVP?

22. I missed the exam, and I don't want to wait for the next exam. Can I take the
exam on another date?

23. Can I take the CDVP and CPAIP exam at the same time?


Certification Supervision Requirements

24. Can I complete my 150 hours of supervised direct service before attending a
40-hour domestic violence training?

25. What types of services are required for supervision?

26. How do group hours count towards certification? Is it by the hours
facilitating the group or by the number of participants?

27. What hotline activity counts towards certification hours?

28. How do I obtain supervision hours if I am not currently working at a domestic
violence program?

29. If my agency is not an ICDVP approved Supervision site, can I do my
supervision hours at my agency but get my supervision from an ICDVP
approved supervision site?

30. Are there supervision sites for CPAIP?


Certification Renewal

31. What are the costs for my certification renewal?

32. When I renew my certification, can I pay online?

33. My agency has agreed to reimburse my renewal fees. Can I get a receipt
from ICDVP?

34. All of my CEUs are completed, but my renewal date is not for another six
months. Can I send my renewal materials in early?

35. Can I get all of my CEUs through online courses?

36. Can I submit the ICADV 20-hour training online modules or re-take any
portion of the 40-hour in person training as CEUs for my CDVP/CPAIP

37. Can I take CEU trainings at a site that is not an ICDVP approved CEU site?

38. Does college credit count towards CEU credit?

39. Does committee participation count towards CEU credit?

40. Do I need to submit my CPAIP CEUs in three categories for my renewal?

41. Can I apply for an extension if I do not have enough CEUs?

42. What happens if I don't have enough CEU's to renew my certification?

43. What happens if my certification status becomes Lapsed?

44. I have let my certification lapse. Can I pay a fee to get it reinstated?


45. Can our agency provide the 40-hour training in a virtual format?

46. Will providing our 40-hour training in a virtual format jeopardize our site certification?

47. If our agency provides a virtual 40-hour training what are we required to tell the participants?

48. If participants complete a virtual training, how do they become eligible to become ICDVP certified?

49. What other options do participants have regarding completing the 40-hour training that meets the eligibility requirements?

50. If an individual is absent for part of the 40-hour in person training, can they make up the sessions by completing parts of the 20-hour online modules?

51. Our agency has provided a virtual 40-hour training and I facilitated part of the training. Can I petition those hours for ICDVP CEUs?

52. Will our agency be allowed an extension for a new supervisor if they are unable to become CDVP certified within a year from their hire date?

ICDVP can grant an extension of the 1-year requirement. A detailed plan would need to be submitted on how the certification will be accomplished along with a timeline including who would provide supervision toward CDVP certification during this time frame. In addition to that, while the supervisor is obtaining supervision, a plan of how direct service employees are supervised needs to be included.

53. Can our agency offer CEUs in a virtual format?

54. Our agency would like to offer the 20/20 training for our participants. How do we go about doing that?

ICDVP certified 40-hour training sites have the option of becoming a 20-hour nline /20-hr in person approved site by submitting the following:

No additional fee is required to provide the 20/20 training. Currently, the only ICDVP approved 20-hour (on-line) training is offered by the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), and they need to be contacted directly about registration. The online modules must be completed prior to the in-person training portion.