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CDVP Test References

Recommended Study Materials

The following references support the questions on this examination. They are available online from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble as well as directly from the publishers. These books also may be available at retail stores and in public and academic libraries.

ICDVP selected the following references as the best available sources to represent knowledge and competencies that should be familiar to a certified professional. While these references support questions in content areas important to safe and effective practice, ICDVP does not recommend any particular service model or endorse every statement in these sources. However, ICDVP affirms that domestic violence professionals should be familiar with the issues addressed in these sources.

Kanel, Kristi. A Guide to Crisis Intervention, 5th Edition (2015) or 4th Edition (2012). Publisher: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning Website: www.cengage.com

Lissette, Andrea, and Richard Kraus. Free Yourself from an Abusive Relationship (2000). Publisher: Hunter House Inc., Publishers Website: www.hunterhouse.com

Wilson, K.J. When Violence Begins at Home 2nd Edition (2005). Publisher: Hunter House Inc., Publishers Website: www.hunterhouse.com

Additional References

1. Bergen, Raquel K., "Marital Rape: New Research and Directions." 2006. National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV).

2. Illinois Domestic Violence Act Revised 2015. Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence

3. A Manual for Mandated Reporters (2015). Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

4. Reporting Adult Abuse: What Professionals Need to Know (2014). Illinois Department on Aging

5. Russell, Jan. Orders of Protection/Enforcement of Orders of Protection. Available in pdf format.